Lunchtime, Fun Time! Great games to play during your lunch break!

Fitting the board gaming hobby into a busy schedule can be hard. If you’re lucky, you can squeeze in a game night every week, but the little obligations of life pile up and often get in the way. That can make lunch hours at work a golden time to sneak in a game or two. If you work with people who share your love of games or at least are willing to give them a shot, you might just be able to start a regular gaming siesta in your office or place of work.

Now, starting an at work gaming group can take a bit of finesse. You may be introducing games to people completely new to the hobby, or ones that can be overly competitive in other aspects of life. You also don’t want to be necessarily carting around a game that would take longer to set up in the break room than you have hours at work. Finding the right games that balance quick playtime, accessible rules, and high portability is key to turning your workmates into your gaming group. Here are three suggestions that are a perfect fit no matter what the situation is at your place of employment.

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