March Releases for Dark Age

March 2017 is a benchmark for Dark Age players and retailers everywhere! Not only do we have gorgeous new resculpts of older models that were showing their age and a fantastic new horror to unleash upon the world – but this marks the official release of the long awaited Path to Glory Two-Player Starter Set for Dark Age!

Path to Glory is not only Dark Age’s first boxed starter set, but it is also our first foray into a product consisting of high-density PLASTIC miniatures! Easy to assemble, durable, and bearing the same gorgeous level of detail you expect from the current Dark Age miniature releases, Path to Glory contains everything two players need to sit down and start playing Dark Age

March brings some fantastic new miniatures for Dark Age fans, too. For those Forsaken players we have the brand new trio of Saint Mark’s savage warrior women – the Junkers. Their heavy smiting maces crush the opposition in single, reaching strokes while they dance around enemy attacks. Dragyri players get two new options this month. The first is a pair of beautiful new resculpts of the elegant Air Caste Wails, whose whirling chain whips can trop up and entangle any foe for their sisters in arms to come and deal the final blow. Brand new to Dark Age, the Shadow Caste have received a new horrifying beast of a warrior – the dark and powerful Goliath. Tearing enemies apart with its bare hands or blinding them with showers of toxic spines, this monster thrives on raw violence!

Let’s face it, 2017 is already a great year for Dark Age! Stay tuned for more amazing Dark Age products coming soon!

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