Massive Darkness: Attacking the Darkness

It’s only been 60 years. The elders still remember it happening. The “uncivilized” tribes were banding together, led by someone or something calling itself “The Darkness.” Humanity was being pushed back further and further. In order to defend against this seemingly never-ending onslaught, every effort went towards defeating this nemesis. To do so, the greatest smiths and enchanters in the land were called together. They created weapons of immense power. These weapons were given to the greatest warriors. These new Lightbringers, as they were called, were the chosen ones who would save humanity. And it worked. The Darkness and its forces were beaten, crushed, and destroyed, seemingly forever. Seemingly. The weapons and artifacts of the Lightbringers were scattered, a grim reminder of humanity’s darkest time. If only they were still right at-hand, for the Darkness is returning. In the deep, shadowy places, its Agents are gathering strength. A new generation of heroes must seek out the artifacts and once more make the world safe for humanity. 

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