Massive Darkness Kickstarter Retail Pledge Announced!

In our latest efforts to support FLGS, CMON is pleased to announce that for the first time we will be introducing a retail pledge option to our current Kickstarter Campaign.

As of Tuesday June 14th, and up till the end of the pledge manager, you, the retailer, will be able to be part of the Massive Darkness Campaign and receive the game along with all unlocked stretch goals in increments of 6, 9 and 12.

– Only retailers with a brick and mortar store in the USA are eligible to the retailer pledge.

– The retail discount will be 40% off the Lightbringer pledge.

– Retailer pledges will contain all the Stretch Goals unlocked during the campaign, and will be delivered at the same time as normal backers.

– A commitment deposit of $100.00 is required for the bundle packs (6, 9 or 12). The balance will be due right before shipment.

– Each retailer backer will be limited to 12 pledges at the most.

– Retailers agree to not breakdown the Lightbringer bundle and resell promotional items separately.

– A signed agreement between CMON and the respective retailer which sets out the above restrictions will be required prior to shipment.

Please consult our Massive Darkness Kickstarter page for details on the Lightbringer pledge. Use email to contact us with your order or any questions you may have. Please do not make a pledge directly on the Kickstarter page itself. A representative from the Sales Team will be in touch with you 1 month after the Kickstarter ends to finalize your order.

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