Mastering the Marvel Role-Playing Game Starter Set

Take a glimpse into the mechanics behind the Marvel Multiverse RPG Starter Set
The core mechanic of the game, the d616, is simple: roll 3 six-sided dice, one being designated as the Marvel dice, add the results together, add your character’s relevant Ability Score, and compare the sum with the Target Number (TN) as set by the Narrator. If your Marvel dice comes up with a Marvel logo, that’s a Fantastic result, which can affect the game in a positive way regardless of whether the final roll is a success or a failure. The Ultimate Fantastic roll, a roll consisting of two 6s and a Marvel logo, is an automatic success.
On most tables, a roll like that will give the roller bragging rights for quite a while!
Edges and Troubles, given by favorable or bad circumstances, may force the player to reroll one of their dice and use the better or worse of the two numbers, respectively.
Characters also have Ability Defenses, which define the TN that someone attacking the character must meet or beat. The most common application of the Ability Defenses is combat, in which the mechanic of d616 applies seamlessly, with the added twist that the Marvel die additionally represents the damage inflicted by the attack (if successful).
Everything is kept fun and fast-paced.
Each character has 6 Ability Scores: Melee, Agility, Resilience, Vigilance, Ego, and Logic (yes, their initials spell MARVEL!), each of which is applied to perform different feats and attacks. Finally, each character has derived scores, such as Health (which determines how much damage they can receive before being knocked out), Focus (the character’s willpower), and Speed.
Of course, the character wouldn’t be a superhero without Powers —a lot of Powers!
To complete the picture, Traits and Tags are labels for all sort of things, including talents, skills, fringe benefits, minor super-powers and even vulnerabilities.
Have fun discovering the game!


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