May Releases for Dark Age

Following hot on the heels of the fantastic April releases, we have another strong month for Dark Age!

NEW RULES – The Dark Age team have been diligently working away on this latest update to the Master Rules for the last year or so, running them through lots of playtesting and fine-tuning everything. We always strive for clarity in our rules writing – aiming definitely for ‘rules as written’ over ‘rules as intended’ – and the 2017 Master Rules no doubt hits closest to that mark of any of the previous editions. The 2017 Master Rules book is available for sale in our webstore now, and it is also available on our site for FREE DOWNLOAD.

In addition to the 2017 Master Rules, we are releasing the 2017 Secondary Objectives Deck for use in your games. These cards give you additional objectives that you must try to achieve during your games, each one bringing you closer to victory. The 2017 Secondary Objectives Deck is available for sale in our webstore now, and the 2017 Secondary Objectives Deck is also available for FREE DOWNLOAD.

NEW RELEASES – In addition to these literal “game-changers”, we have a couple of brand new releases for the Dragyri. The mighty Ice Caste Blizzards stride toward their foes, their brutal crystalline axes flashing in the harsh sun of Samaria as they prepare to cause maximum carnage. Recently awoken from a centuries-long slumber, Ghrakun, of the Earth Caste, and Jza’mhi, of the Fire Caste, are two leaders that Dragyri society thought lost forever. Now they have clawed their way back to the surface of Samaria and stand ready to punish their enemies.

UNIT BOXES – This month we also continue the rollout of our Dark Age Unit Boxes. This time it is the forces of the mercenary Bounty Hunters, the robotic C.O.R.E., and the alien Kukulkani that are receiving the treatment. Plenty of great products that are now much easier for your local stores to carry on their shelves.

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