Meeples March to War

You’ve probably used Meeples in board games before, and not given them a second thought. They’re just little, wooden figures used to mark the place of workers on the game board, right? Well, the true history of the Meeple is a lot more action-packed than that. Originally, Meeples were giant (well, relatively giant) machines of war, constructed and used for the sole purpose of fighting in deadly combat and destroying anything that stood in their way. 

In Meeple War, you take on the role of the chief of a tribe of Lilliputians. Each tribe has their own Village that has to be constructed using the various Building tiles. Space is tight in your Village though, so you’ll have to prioritize which Buildings you want to work on. Once created, they grant your tribe powerful actions that can strengthen your forces, such as reinforcing outside territories, firebombing enemy Buildings, or even converting enemy Meeples over to your side! Buildings have branching action paths your workers can take, so be sure to choose your actions wisely. Only with a formidable army and good tactics will you be able to crush your enemies into dust.

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