Munchkin Dungeon Overview

In Munchkin Dungeon, two to five players become characters from the classic Munchkin games, including the Wizard, the Dwarf, and the Thief. They push their luck, going deeper and deeper into winding, underground tunnels in search of treasure. However, they have to be careful. Around any corner might lurk a Monster looking for its next meal. As if the Monsters weren’t enough of a threat, they have to protect themselves from the inevitable stabbings coming from their fellow adventurers. Eventually, they’ll have to beat the final boss if they hope to escape the Dungeon with their lives! Yes, there is a lot of danger out there, but no one said the life of a dungeon delver was easy. 

Each round, players’ turns are broken up into different phases. First, they Kick the Door, moving at least one room deeper into the Dungeon. Brave explorers can choose to go further, but with each step, the risk increases.

Player Support

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