Narcos: The Board Game – The Hunt for El Patrón

The Colombian drug business is booming. Bricks of cocaine are making their way regularly out of the country, smuggled aboard airplanes headed all over the world. Through the use of ruthless intimidation, cunning planning, and managing to stay hidden from his enemies, most of this industry is run by a single man known as El Patrón. From his many different safehouses and strongholds, he operates beyond the law. But the law isn’t going to simply sit idly by and let him continue his illegal trade. And in his rise to power, Patrón certainly has created a long list of enemies. The hunt is on, as a multi-national group is closing in around Patrón and his works. But will he be able to slip through the net again, as he so often does? And what about the people of Colombia? Many of them worship Patrón as a hero and would gladly elect him El Presidente. Will the authorities capture him this time, or will Patrón slip through their fingers again to rule another day?

Narcos: The Board Game is a hidden movement and resource management game where one player takes on the role of El Patrón, leader of the Colombian drug industry, trying to stealthily make their way around the country, sending out their Sicarios to do their dirty work, while the rest of the players form a coalition of Factions looking to hunt him down. The Factions have to work together, triangulating and coordinating their movements, sharing vital information, and attempting to capture Patrón twice before he gains too much popularity and achieves victory by completing objectives or becoming El Presidente.

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