New The Others Releases Invade on December 9

The Others has been haunting people since its release, but at CMON, we’re just getting started. This week, a slew of creepy, new material will be hitting your FLGS, adding to your nightmare.

Fire up your chopper and throw on your leathers, the Sons of Ragnarok are rolling into town. This gang of outlaw bikers seem like the perfect candidates to become acolytes, except for their total rejection of authority. These hooligans do what they want, when they want, and right now that means taking down the corrupted. The Sons are totally obsessed with Viking mythology, and now that they sense Ragnarok is upon them, their appetite for battle has been whetted. Led by Father Odin, each member of the team takes on the name and personality traits of a figure from Norse legend. There’s Thor, the Bruiser. He loves the thrill of battle. Loki, an ex F.A.I.T.H. team member, will fight with the best of them, but retreats to heal his wounds when the going gets tough. Each of the seven Sons of Ragnarok is represented by a highly-detailed miniature figure and a character card with their stats and backstory. This ragtag bunch makes for formidable foes, and the Sins will be sorry they ever messed with the Sons of Ragnarok! 

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