Aconyte Books & CMON Bring You the Terrifyingly Terrific Zombicide: Last Resort

We here at CMON are very excited to report that we have joined forces with  Aconyte Books in the fight against the Undead. Here’s just the first of a new line of novels inspired by the darkly action-packed game Zombicide, just in time for Halloween!

ZOMBICIDE: LAST RESORT, by Josh Reynolds (author of Wrath of N’kai, The Daidoji Shin mysteries, and many titles in the Black Library), is coming to shelves and devices in early October 2021. No, this isn’t a book about where zombies go on holiday, or a spa retreat after feasting on too many brains. In Last Resort we find that the current zombie apocalypse has driven humanity up into the Adirondack Mountains, in Northeastern Upstate New York, in search of somewhere safer to hide out.

Enter Westlake, a hardened career criminal, who’s searching for “The Villa”, a legendary organized crime hideout, a last resort if you will, where he can escape the devastation. When he’s ambushed by the undead, an old FBI “friend” and his squad of survivors rescue him… and then force him to reveal his secrets. The possibly mythical Villa suddenly becomes a realistic chance of salvation for the local survivors. Reluctantly, Westlake agrees to a motley band through minefields, trip wires, and oodles of flesh-eating zombies at every turn to reach their safe haven. Shame there’s already someone living there… 


Josh Reynolds

5 Oct 2021

Trade paperback & ebook

Distributed by Simon & Schuster


To find more information or to arrange an interview about Aconyte’s mission, see or email their marketing guru Anjuli

Aconyte Books & CMON Bring You the Terrifyingly Terrific Zombicide: Last Resort

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