February Releases Now Available

February is coming to an end. The start of the year is going by quickly. March is almost upon us. But before we leave the month of love behind, we have one last Valentine’s present for you. Or, more like we have four for you, as our latest releases are now available. All of them are new units for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game. Let’s take a deeper look at just what is hitting store shelves today.

The Free Folk are the game’s newest faction and they have a pair of new releases, one on each end of the points cost spectrum. Starting on the low end, there’s the Free Folk Raiders. While these troops might not have good arms or armor, they make up for it with numbers. At only three points, commanders can easily fill up their deployment zones with these soldiers. The Raid Leader unit attachment that also comes in the unit box can enhance any squad they join, giving them the ability to activate a second unit immediately after their activation, letting the Free Folk attack en masse, which is their major strength.

At the other end of the points (and height) spectrum are the Savage Giants. These hulking behemoths clock in at seven points and make quite an imposing sight on the battlefield. They can create a strong center around which the rest of the Free Folk forces fight. Loaded up with wounds and wielding clubs that can decimate entire ranks of enemy troops, opposing forces will hate seeing these lumbering giants on the other side of the battlefield.

The Free Folk aren’t the only faction getting new figures this month. The Night’s Watch also have an addition in the form of the Builder Scorpion Crew. These giant crossbows are smaller versions of those used to protect The Wall from invaders from the north. While not very mobile or heavily armored, the Scorpion is a ranged specialist. The crew can fire two different types of bolts, depending on the intended target. If it’s massed enemy troops, there’s Volley Fire that can do up to a potential nine wounds to the enemy. If your target is something more armored, there’s Single Shot, that will punch right through that armor like it’s not there. It’s definitely something you don’t want pointed in your direction.

Finally, one of the original factions is also getting a boost on the battlefield. House Stark is getting the Crannogman Trackers. Since knowing enemy numbers and movements can win a battle even before it begins, scouts are vital to any army. The Crannogman Trackers fill that role for the Starks. They are highly mobile and able to strike at range with their bows. Their Quick Fire ability allows them to combine a Maneuver with an Attack action, giving them good range on their attacks. Joining them is the Crannogman Warden unit attachment. His special ability is that he allows his unit to reroll attacks against enemy units that have not activated yet that round. Stark commanders will want to use them early in the round to get the best effect from them.

That’s what we have for you this month. Battlefields all over Westeros are going to see a whole host of new units hitting the fields. Commanders from every army will be looking to get the most out of their new additions, as well as trying to formulate tactics to deal with new threats. All of these units are available now.

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February Releases Now Available

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