Getting Past that Pesky Sheriff

While King Richard is off fighting the Crusades, his brother, Prince John has been put in charge. He’s concerned about all the contraband goods that have been flowing into Nottingham market lately, so he’s put his best man on the job, the Sheriff. Now, the Sheriff has put up checkpoints and roadblocks all around the approaches to the town. Merchants are being searched, and those found carrying anything diferent from what they declare is being fined. However, with so many merchants coming through, the Sheriff can’t always check everyone. Plus, the thing about putting unscrupulous types in charge of anything, they can be bought, and the merchants have learned that a well-placed bribe can really grease the wheels when it comes time to go through their wagons. The goal for all the merchants, of course, is to get the most gold they can in the Nottingham Market, and that’s just what players will be trying to do in Sheriff of Nottingham. CMON is coming out with a 2nd edition of this popular bluffing game. Let’s take a look at the game for veterans and new merchants alike.

In Sheriff of Nottingham (2nd Edition), players take on the role of merchants looking to stock their stalls in the Nottingham marketplace. However, they’ll have to get their goods past the Sheriff. Each round, a diferent player takes on the role of the Sheriff, deciding who they will and won’t inspect as they try and go past them. At the start of the round, players take cards from their hand and place it into their envelopes, representing their merchant caravan. Next, each merchant must declare what they are transporting. The declaration must be the right number of cards they placed in their envelope but must be only one type of good. For example, they would say “I’m transporting 4 apples.” They couldn’t say, “I’m transporting 2 apples, 1 cheeses, and 1 pepper.” Of course, they could actually be transporting what they say they are. Players certainly don’t have to lie if they don’t want to. And, sometimes, that will be to their benefit.

After declarations have been made, the Sheriff player decides who they want to check out. They can choose to inspect none, some, or all of the player’s envelopes that turn. If the players are lying, their goods are forfeit. However, if they player was telling the truth about what they’re transporting, the Sheriff must pay a fine. Being overly-zealous with checking every bag can result in quickly draining one’s coffers and enriching your opponents.

This new edition of the game includes several upgrades from the previous. First, the rules have been cleaned up and streamlined. Ambiguities have been removed and the game now plays much smoother and faster than ever before. This version’s artwork has also been lovingly updated, giving it an entirely fresh look.

The main box has been upgraded as well to include the previous expansions. In the 6th player update, players will act as the Sheriff’s Deputies, working together to decide who they want to inspect each turn. In the Black Market expansion, with players can sneak high-priced illicit goods past the Sheriff or their Deputies, big rewards are in store. However, being caught has become more dangerous than ever.

This new version of Sheriff of Nottingham retains all the bluffing and bribing action of the original, but has been cleaned up for easier play. The main box also includes several of the most popular expansions, letting up to 6 players enjoy the game as well as adding the Black Market to make things even more interesting.

The new edition of Sheriff of Nottingham will be on June 26th 2020.

You can read more about Sheriff of Nottingham 2nd edition here.

Getting Past that Pesky Sheriff

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