Household: Meet the Faeries

Finally, today, we complete our tour through the pre-made characters that will be available in the Household RPG, hitting Kickstarter on May 18th (you can sign up to be notified HERE!).

The Saga of the Fragile Peace already comes with 24 pre-made Littling characters, fully ready to play. There is one character for every Folk in every Profession, so you can choose among them and start exploring the House right away!

We’ve already met:

- The Boggarts

- The Sluagh

- The Sprites

So, of course, that leaves us with just one Folk left. Time to meet the Faeries!

Dimitri Sokov, Faerie Soldier

Thanks to his parents’ connections, Dimitri never had to deploy on a direct combat mission. Instead, he took full advantage of his uniform to court noble women throughout the Realm. This went on until one encounter changed his life…

Pierre Delacroyance, Faerie Scholar

Pretentious but shallow, Pierre spent his childhood surrounded by luxury and art. He dodged the military draft and avoided being sent out to war, thanks to a great combination of pedigree, academic talent, and self-confidence.

Icarus König, Faerie Hunter

As a child, Icarus loved looking at the handsome soldiers coming home or setting off for the front. His humble eyes were full of dreams of attending the Army Academy. And since some dreams do come true, Icarus has become a devoted sentry.

Jocelyne Bonheur, Faerie Criminal

When she was only eleven, Jocelyne was left orphaned and homeless, forced to live on the streets in the aftermath of a bloody battle. Among cheats and charlatans, she found her love for performance and the wish to wear jewelry worthy of the Tsarina, no matter what.

Yuliya Dragomirov, Faerie Duelist

Eager to meet her father’s expectations, Yuliya trained tirelessly to serve in the Army, ignoring the fact that, as a girl, her chances to have a military career were slim to none. But she wasn’t going to let anyone tell her what she could or could not do.

Hannah Blaum, Faerie Animal Handler

Hannah has always been a sweet, beautiful, polite, and caring Fairy. Her love for the animal kingdom moved an esteemed littling to gift her with a pet bumblebee. That was the first step in her brilliant career as a handler for animals in beauty pageants!

And there you have it. Which one will you play as first when you get your copy of Household? Be sure to stay tuned for the launch of the Kickstarter campaign.

Household: Meet the Faeries

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