Household: Meet the Sprites

The Household RPG hits Kickstarter on May 18th: you can sign up to be notified HERE!

In Saga of the Fragile Peace, there are 24 Littlings to choose from, one character for every Folk in every Professions, so you can start exploring the House right away! We have already covered:

- The Boggarts

- The Sluagh

Now, we’ll meet some different little Folk: from the Drain, the Draft, and the Spark, here are the Sprites!

Ira Poole, Sprite Soldier

Ira’s childhood dream was to one day be the captain of a ship in the Bathtub. But not all dreams come true. So, now the Police officer turns as many blind eyes as he needs to keep the balance between law and crime in Tuberdam.

Aidan Mackenna, Sprite Scholar

Propelled by his endless curiosity for the great mysteries of the House and his dislike of the prospect of joining the Army Academy, Aidan chose to enter the cutting-edge faculty of Forensics. Today, his talent for observation makes him a first-class investigator.

Litha Flammel, Sprite Hunter

Since she was a child, Litha always wanted to become a hunter, just like her beloved father and brothers. But they would always make fun of her for being too small and clumsy. Nevertheless, her light-hearted smile never faded away.

Gunther Lichtmann, Sprite Criminal

Leaving behind all qualms and the silly childish dream of one day becoming a notary, Gunther chose to follow the lead of his ruthless brothers and become stinking rich instead. Afterall, the smartest littlings know how to outsmart everyone.

Siobhan Adahir, Sprite Duelist

As an orphan, Siobhan was an impulsive hothead who grew up believing no family would ever adopt her. But thanks to a philanthropic Salamander, she had a chance to learn etiquette and become a duelist of unparalleled beauty and skill.

Prycilla Urbina, Sprite Animal Handler

Pryscilla was a lively and perceptive Undine child who loved to climb in all the places where she shouldn’t have been. Now that she’s grown, she takes her cheerful show on tour all around the House, earning an (almost entirely, but not quite) honest living.

Thanks for checking out this preview of the Sprite pre-made characters that come in Household. Which one will you choose to play as first?

Be sure to stay tuned for the launch of the Kickstarter campaign. You can sign up to be notified about it here!

Household: Meet the Sprites

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