Infamous Sellswords

The war to claim the Iron Throne has thrown all of Westeros into chaos. The Great Houses are headed to the field of battle. There are plenty of people in the land that have no alliance to anyone and will gladly sell their services to the highest bidder. These sellswords can bring resources and abilities not often found within a regular army’s forces, and commanders all over seek them out for the unique aspects they bring to bear. Soon, players in the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game will have a host of new Neutral options that they can add to their forces. In this article, we’ll look over some of these new options and see how they can greatly change how an army plays.

The Neutral Heroes #2 box offers seven new characters that players can add to their forces. They contain a mix of Unit Attachments as well as NCUs, letting players customize their forces as they see fit. There are even two new Commander options.

For Attachments, players could decide to add Brienne, Maid of Tarth, to their army. She turns the unit she’s attached to into a homing missile aimed directly at a specific enemy unit. Her Knightly Vow special ability grants her unit +1 to Hit and +2 attack dice versus one enemy chosen at the start of the game. Adding to that, she gives her unit Stalwart, giving them +2 to their Morale rolls. Or, players may choose to add the likes of Bronn, the archetypical sellsword. His Extra Incentive ability grants his unit extra speed, attack dice, and bonuses to their Morale, but only when the army is in control of the Wealth Zone on the Tactics board.

For new NCUs, players have such options as Tycho Nestoris. The resources he brings to the table as part of the Iron Bank means an army can gain recruits at a moment’s notice. In the game, that translates to, once per game, the player is able to restore up to 5 Wounds in total to Combat Units they control. That can easily swing the tide of a battle. Meanwhile, for more underhanded tactics, a player could choose to take Walder Frey. When claiming a Tactics Zone, Walder is able to Influence a unit. It will always deal 1 Wound to that unit, but if Walder’s player is the First Player or controls the Crown Zone, the Influenced unit and its attachments lose all of their abilities.

Finally, the Commander options give players the choice of focusing on one of the two famous mercenary companies in the land. Vargo Hoat turns his unit into a Bloody Mummers unit. His abilities and Tactics cards focus on the Weakened condition, adding several more crippling downsides to having it on one’s unit. Meanwhile, Daario Naharis turns his unit into a Stormcrow unit. His abilities and Tactics cards change the regular outcome of abilities by moving around Condition tokens, granting extra abilities to units he leads, and pushing his units to the extreme to get results.

The Hero Boxes are always packed with characters that players can use. Being that all the characters in this box are Neutral, that means that almost regardless of one’s army, there are new options that they can take advantage of. With seven new figures, and new stat cards for using multiple versions of a couple characters within,the new combinations are nearly endless.

The Neutral Heroes #2 box will be available November 15th.

You can read more about the Neutral Heroes #2 box here.

Infamous Sellswords

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