Massive Darkness Extras: The Growing Darkness

The Darkness has many allies. Various different races are drawn to it and its war against the surface world. The Lightbringers, facing off against these different foes, have to utilize new strategies, find new artifacts, and recruit their own set of fighters in order to defeat them. This month, new adventures will be available for your games of Massive Darkness. There are two new Enemy Boxes, the Troglodytes and the Reptisaurians. There are also two new Heroes & Monster sets, with the Warrior Priests vs The Spearmaiden Cyclops and the Sorcerers vs Lord Tusk. It’s time to enter the dungeons and see what challenges lie in wait.

The Troglodytes have always been a very simple race of humans. They have long lived in the various cave complexes, and it didn’t take much for the Darkness to sway them to its side. In the Massive Darkness: Enemy Box: Troglodytes, you face off against these hardy warriors. They are a resilient lot, getting bonuses to their defenses when attacked, as well as making good use of Shadow Mode to strike at your Heroes. But they’re not the only ones to worry about. Their Bloodseeker Minotaur is also perfectly at home in the maze-like corridors below the surface. He’ll relentlessly pursue anyone that dares attack him.

The Massive Darkness: Enemy Box: Reptisaurians is full of slimy creatures hailing from the coastal swamplands. The call of the Darkness was readily answered by these savage lizards, looking to spread out from their murky homes. Masters in the use of poisons, the Reptisaurian Blowgunners will steadily wear down even the most resilient Hero, dealing them extra wounds with their ranged attacks. But don’t think that these cold-blooded killers only attack at a distance. The Reptisaurian Warriors are more than happy to attack anyone that comes close. Their use of duel swords will wound Heroes that even thinks about coming to engage them. Meanwhile, there’s always the danger of running into that prehistoric horror, the Reptisaurius Rex. This massive monster is a terror both in melee and at range, able to wound Heroes with its terrible breath weapon.

Monsters might seem like they’re always just out to rampage and destroy things. But many of them have social structures of their own. Even animals are territorial and prone to attacking those that would harm their offspring. It’s more dangerous when the mother looking to keep threats to her children at bay is a massive cyclops armed with a spear the size of a telephone pole. However, she stands in the way of the Warrior Priests’ quest to defeat the Darkness. Each of the three Priests brings their own special skills to the party, as well as a new class that they can train in. The Warrior Priest class has a good mix of offense and defense, as well as some nasty debuffs for the enemies. Able to dish out both damage to enemies and healing to allies, they are a welcome addition to the group. That’s what you’ll find in the Massive Darkness: Heroes & Monster Set: Warrior Priests vs The Spearmaiden Cyclops.

Ogres! Those things are dangerous! And none is more dangerous than Lord Scarguts Tusk. He wields a set of massive blades that could split a full-grown elephant in half with no problems. With such huge weapons, you don’t even have to be standing right next to him to be in the threat range of a savage chop. Facing off against him in the Massive Darkness: Heroes & Monster Set: Sorcerers vs. Lord Tusk are three new Heroes that will certainly do well to stay as far away as possible. Thankfully, the Sorcerer class is adept at striking from afar. Bursting with magical firepower, a Sorcerer can take down enemies long before they threaten the core group of party members.

With these new items, your Massive Darkness games can become even more epic. How will your group adapt to these new enemies? Which new Hero might work with the new classes? Evil is all around, and only by working together will the Lightbringers see a new dawn. 

All of these sets will be available at your FLGS on October 27.

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Massive Darkness Extras: The Growing Darkness

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