New Releases for Arcadia Quest

It’s May, and that means it’s starting to really heat up outside. It’s also heating up in the city of Arcadia. This month features quite a few releases (10, to be exact!) for Arcadia Quest, a couple of them with a rather fiery theme. The Whole Lotta Lava expansion gives players a new baddie to take on during Inferno campaigns, while the Fire Dragon can be added to the end of any Arcadia Quest campaign to bring a fiery climax to the finale. Taking on these new challenges are a plethora of new Heroes, as well as their lovable pets. Rounding out the releases are a new dice pack and some extra tokens. Let’s take a deeper look at all these new offerings.

Whole Lotta Lava 

Deep in Inferno under the city of Arcadia, fire and rocks come together to form lava. That’s also what created Ignos, the son of a Fire and Earth Elemental. With a fiery temper, he hates when anyone wanders into his territory. And that’s just what the Heroes have done on their way to take on the Underlord. Whoops. Ignos isn’t the only new threat to the Heroes. The vicious Hellcats have taken a moment from preening themselves and bugging the other demons to be fed to challenge the Heroes. Adding to that, not all the Angels that have been taken down to Inferno want to escape. The Fallen Angel is more than happy (well, as happy as he can be, anyway) with how things have gone, and will attack anyone that tries to tell him to head back up to the surface. Whole Lotta Lava brings 2 all-new scenarios to use during an Inferno campaign, two Hellcat figures, one Fallen Angel figure, one Ignos figure, and new quest and reward cards.

Fire Dragon 

Mog’dor is just on the cusp of becoming an adult dragon. That event is usually marked with a big party. A gathering of dragons might be bad enough, but Mog’dor has decided that he wants to use Arcadia’s Red Dawn Square as the location for the party. What’s worse is that he’s decided to do some redecorating prior to the event. That mostly involves burning down buildings and turning the square into a lake of lava. Despite just being an adolescent, the various Guilds of Arcadia know that none of them, individually, is strong enough to “persuade” Mog’dor to have his party elsewhere, and so they’re teaming up to deliver the change-of-address notice. 

The Fire Dragon set for Arcadia Quest can be used as a big finale for any campaign. The Heroes have taken on the baddie only to return home and find out that a bigger one is threatening the city. The expansion includes a new double-sided game tile to play the battle out on, as well as the massive Fire Dragon figure. It also includes new Level 6 Equipment cards to outfit your Heroes for the big fight, plus everything else you need to play out this climactic battle. 

Hero Packs and Pet Packs 

With all those threats to the city, it’s a good thing that there’s so many willing to sign up with the Guilds and work to protect it. Every day, more and more are joining up, adding their extraordinary skills to the cause of making Arcadia a great place to live. And what with all the dragons and demons all trying to take it over, thanks be for them! Never ones to be alone, these Heroes are bringing their Pets along with. But these cuddly companions aren’t just here for morale. They’re ready to do their part in the battle as well. 

This month sees four new Hero packs and two new Pet packs released for use with any Arcadia Quest game. These sets include two Hero figures and their requisite Hero cards. Meanwhile, the Pet packs include three Pet figures and their matching cards.   

Guild Dice and Inferno Plastic Token Pack 

Inferno brought several new Guilds to the world of Arcadia. Gamers love to have dice that match their figures. They’re also not always keen to share dice with others. To solve both of those issues, there’s the new Guild Dice pack. It contains four Attack Dice in different Guild colors and two Defense Dice. Also releasing this month is the Inferno Plastic Tokens pack. The 57 included tokens can completely replace the card tokens that come in Arcadia Quest: Inferno. These highly-detailed, engraved plastic tokens are rugged and look great on the table. 

There’s a lot coming out for Arcadia Quest this month. Players will be able to mix up their games of Inferno with the Whole Lotta Lava set, or cap off any campaign with the Fire Dragon. They will have new options of Heroes with the Hero packs and bring some cuddly critters to the field with the Pet packs. Wrapping things up, they can add the new Guild Dice and Inferno Token packs to their collections. 

All of this exciting Arcadia Quest material will be available at your FLGS on May 19.

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New Releases for Arcadia Quest

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