Rising Sun Late Pledges Now Available

The Rising Sun Kickstarter has come to a close after an incredibly fun and exciting campaign. If you missed out on one of the most anticipated games in recent memory, never fear. We are now taking Late Pledges, giving you a second chance to back Rising Sun

With a $100 Daimyo Pledge you get enough goodies to keep anyone happy! This pledge includes:

• The Rising Sun Core Box.

• Six different clans, including the unlocked Fox clan.

• Plastic Coins, Ronin tokens, Alliance tokens, War Markers, Strongholds, Political Mandates, and Clan tokens.

• Extra Season cards.

• Over 20 different monsters, with highly detailed miniatures to add to your armies.

• Seven different Kamis, with highly detailed miniatures to be used with the Kami Unbound rule set.

• The Daimyo Box designed to hold all of the Kickstarter stretch goals.

• Acess to excellent optional add-ons including metal coins upgrade, large-size play mat board, and the Dynasty Invasion expansion. 

For all of this excellent content and more, make a Late Pledge here.

Rising Sun Late Pledges Now Available

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