Stalking the Enemy: The Crannogmen Trackers Unit Box

Knowledge of the enemy’s numbers and their movements can win a battle even before it has begun. As such, scouts are some of the most important units in an army. For House Stark, they have the Crannogman Trackers to take up that mantle. Lightly armed and even more lightly armored, what they lose in pure attack power they gain in maneuverability. That’s not to say that the Trackers can’t deal a blow to the enemy, especially when those foes are caught unaware. In this article, we take a deeper look at what the Crannogman Tracker unit box brings to games of the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game.

As primarily a ranged unit, the Crannogman Trackers focus on dealing damage to the enemy without being hit back. Their stat line reflects that, having a Defensive Save of only 6+ as well as a Morale value of 7+. They are not a unit that wants to see direct contact with the enemy. Commanders would do well to relegate the Trackers as flankers on the battlefield.

However, what they lack in defensive power, they make up for in offense. Every commander has had an instance where they wish they could get some more range out of their ranged units. For the Crannogman Trackers, they get quite a long range on their bows with their Quick Fire ability. This ability combines a Maneuver with their Attack action, letting players truly reach out and touch the enemy’s units… with arrows.

The Trackers box also comes with the Crannogman Warden Unit Attachment. This figure adds the Opportunist ability to the unit they’re attached to. This ability really plays into the ambush tactics that the Crannogmen are known for. Able to catch the enemy unawares, Opportunist lets you reroll misses when attacking an enemy unit that hasn’t activated yet that round. More of those arrows will find their mark, and thus, the Crannogmen can greatly increase their offensive output.

Coming in at five points, the Crannogman Trackers are a mid-cost unit that gives Stark commanders a good flanking force. Able to attack the enemy at range and at great speed, they are good for taking side objectives. As long as they are kept out of direct engagements with the enemy, they can be a very strong unit on the battlefield.

The Crannogman Trackers will be available February 22nd.

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Stalking the Enemy: The Crannogmen Trackers Unit Box

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