Newton: Watch Out for Falling Apples

Europe in the 1700s was a place filled with learning and intellectual awakening. New scientific discoveries were being made daily. People’s understanding of the world around them was growing by leaps and bounds. Names like Boyle, Brahe, and Copernicus were etching their names in the annals of history. It’s into this world that players are thrust in Newton. Their goal is to have their names carved right there with the other great masters of science. But there’s more than one route to scientific immortality.

In Newton, players play cards from their hands to take various Actions on the different boards. There’s the Map board that represents Europe in the 18th century, the Tracks board that shows different scientific achievements and inventions to be made, and each player has a Personal board that represents their own private library where they can gather great works and study them in earnest. The more times an Action symbol is present on their board, the more powerfully they are able to take that action.

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