November Releases For Dark Age

A cold wind is starting to blow across Samaria today, bringing with it new item for Dark Age. The Ice Caste is marching to war. In this month’s releases for Dark Age, the Ice Caste, one of the oldest factions for the game, is getting the updated box treatment that has been sweeping through the line. So that’s the cold, but what about the wind? Well, the Air Caste is also getting an updated box set. Grab your snow boots and let’s take a look.

Starting out, there’s the Ice Caste Starter Set. The Dragyri of the Ice Caste are a force to be reckoned with in any theater of battle, but they excel most when they are charging in to crush their foes with mystically enhanced close quarters combat. The Spirit Lord of the Ice Caste is a powerful fighter as well as a skilled user of shamanic Ice magic leading a pair of axe-wielding Blizzards in honorable battle. Always nearby, ready to serve under the cracking whip of their Taskmaster, are a trio of useful-yet-expendable Spear Slaves. This 500 point starter box of the Dragyri Ice Caste are here, ready to be assembled and crush the opposition!

But a starter is just that, a starting place. Moving on, we have the Ice Caste Leadership Box. The Ice Caste are the most traditional on the Dragyri castes. The thirst for honor and the opportunity to display their martial prowess in fierce combat against worthy opponents. It is the role of leaders like the Spirit Lords of Ice and the caste’s Arbiter of Fate, Luck’kit’kaii, to uphold these traits, and to see them adhered to. The most common way is to lead by example – crushing, brutal example.

Leaders need someone to lead, of course. Someone like those found in the Frostbite Unit Box. As an elite unit, membership in the Frostbites is coveted by any Ice Caste Trueborn seeking to cloak themselves in glory. Very few aspirants, however, make it through the grueling training and selection process. Armed with a massive crystalline axe and very refined psychogenic abilities, the Frostbites are martial strength and power personified.

And you don’t want to just go stumbling into battle without intelligence. That’s why you should pick up a Soul Searcher unit box. In battle, Soul Searchers primarily serve as trackers and scouts until they are needed to serve as infantry. They use their Focus abilities to track their enemies with spirit energy, and can then appear where needed on the battlefield, causing great disruption amongst their surprised foes.

While the Ice Caste prides itself on its melee prowess, it also knows that it’s best to soften up the enemy at range. Best to pick up a Soul Splitter unit box. For the Trueborn Dragyri of the Ice Caste, honor can be earned in the heat of close combat, with the swing of a sword or axe. When a warrior does something this brings dishonor, his melee weapon is taken away and replaced with a large crossbow, the arbalest, which he must carry in battle until he has redeemed himself. While the Soul Splitters are a reviled member of any warband, they are nonetheless very effective.

The Ice Caste isn’t without its elementals of course. The smallest of which can be found in the Hail Kin unit box. Called into being as fragments of a terrible frozen storm given life, Hail Kin are erratic creatures that exist only to bring a bloody and chilling death to those who stand in the way of the Dragyri Ice Caste. They glide and shift across the battlefield, reaching out with their wickedly sharp appendages to slice their foes to ribbons.

But sometimes you need a bigger snowball. That’s where the Greater Ice Elemental box comes in. Made from the coldest otherworldly energies summoned up from the Dragyri of the Ice Caste, the Greater Ice Elemental is a tower of preternaturally dense ice. Capable of withstanding terrible blows while getting its claws into a target or unleashing a torrent of freezing wind, this deadly monstrosity is a walking reminder of the power hidden away within the Ice Caste’s ancient ways.

And as we mentioned at the top, the wind doth blow for the Air Caste as well. They are getting the Tempest Unit Box this month. Female Trueborn warriors of the Air Caste who have not manifested Focus abilities find themselves in high demand among a variety of groups. Those who wish to rage in battle and in life, enjoying the best of both worlds, find their way into the ranks of the Tempest order, where they can fight hard and play hard.

These new items for Dark Age are blowing into your FLGS today. Keep warm out there.

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