October Releases for Dark Age

October is the month where all the scary things come out of the darkness and swamps to feast on the living. And this month’s Dark Age releases certainly fit into that theme. We’ve got a host of new Shadow Caste box sets for you. So that covers the darkness. There’s also the new Brood Faction Starter available. And that covers the swamp. Let’s take a look at what all these new macabre releases consist of.

Starting out, we’ve got the Shadow Caste Specialist Box. These Shadow Caste agents are brutal killers, each in their own way. Hood has been living two lives, one as a professional assassin for the Warden of Chains Barrow and the other as an infiltrator for his mistress Amabilia. The Goliaths are Dragyri monsters created to feast on fear and death, slaughtering anything that gets too close. One is a surgical scalpel and the other is a chainsaw, but both are unquestioningly lethal!

Taking a slightly more elegant approach to murdering the Caste’s enemies are the figures in the Keeper/Strega Unit Box. Within the Shadow Caste there are elite orders that uphold their schemes, and the Keepers and Strega are devotees that do their part. The Keepers and their envenomed, barbed chains live to serve the needs of the Huntress in the Caste’s name while the Strega watch over the Caste’s connection to the darkness below – both powerful servants of shadow and death.

The dance of death is well-known to the figures in the Gatherer/Havik Unit Box, the steps practiced on a regular basis. Shadow Caste warriors often rely on speed and armament to bring their enemies to their knees. The Gatherers leap from foe to foe, slashing at them with razor-sharp scythes, and Haviks shred the enemy to ribbons on poisoned, bladed gauntlets. The battlefield is the ballroom for both of these fighters to perform their horrific, bloody waltz.

The Shadow Caste has no shortage of tools in their arsenal when it comes to taking out the enemy. That includes the Naedrae/Vespa Unit Box. There are several different ways for the Shadow Caste to bring death to its enemies, but brutal assassinations are some of their favorites. The spiked katars of the Naedrae tear and rip up their targets as they glide out of the darkness to strike, bringing a long and painful death. Vespa are just as deadly, but prefer the slash of their blade or the cut of their gauntlet. Either way, their purpose is death.

While the Shadow Caste has only relatively recently started making their way out of the shadows of their caves and tunnels, the Brood have long been spreading their own form of chaos across the tabletops of Dark Age. Longtime players looking to start a new faction, or new joiners to the game can take advantage of the new Brood Faction Starter to get a good core force with a single purchase. The Brood are biological weapons that have been released into the wild to do the bidding of their greater collective intelligence, the Broodmere and the instincts in their genetic memories. The savage Broodhounds scout for prey, Grist bio-repulsors bring foes to their knees, and tenacious Ratchets finish off stragglers while towering Sawblades tirelessly carve into the enemy.

This month’s releases certainly bring some new options to your tabletops. The Shadow Caste gets a big boost and the Brood gets a new entry-point for players. It’s no trick. This month’s releases are a treat for all.

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