CMON Acquires Trudvang, LexOccultum & RuinMasters from RiotMinds

Singapore, July 1st 2022 – CMON is proud to announce the acquisition of the Trudvang Chronicles, LexOccultum, and RuinMasters brands from its original creators at RiotMinds. CMON intends to explore new avenues for storytelling in each of these worlds.

RiotMinds’s incredible IPs have been beloved by the gaming community for over two decades. Founded in 2001 by Theodore Bergqvist and Magnus Malmberg with the ambition to create immersive fantasy and horror settings for tabletop games, they’ve accomplished their mission by publishing a vast number of worldwide top-selling books set in these three incredible worlds.

The two companies have worked together in the past, with CMON developing the board game Trudvang Legends, set in the same world as RiotMinds’ RPG Trudvang Chronicles. The Trudvang Legends Core Box is shipping now, and its many expansions are set to ship in 2023.

Theodore Bergqvist, co-founder of RiotMinds, commented, “CMON has been a most valuable partner and instrumental in strengthening the brand of Trudvang Chronicles. RiotMinds is very excited to see such great brands as Trudvang, LexOccultum, and RuinMasters in the hands of a global gaming and publishing company. I’m sure the fans of those games will get a lot more content going forward and a chance to delve deeper into those settings together with CMON.”

Francesco Nepitello, CMON’s Head of IPs & RPGs, said of the acquisition, “RiotMinds has a tradition of creating deep and engaging game worlds, characterized by unique concepts and outstanding art. Here at CMON, we are honored to receive the keys to Trudvang, LexOccultum, and RuinMasters and cannot wait to expand them in directions so far unexplored.”

Stay tuned for more news and announcements about this exciting development.

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