CMON and Gamegenic announce strategic partnership

CMON Limited is proud to announce a creative partnership with Gamegenic, the Asmodee-based studio behind innovative, high-quality game accessories.

Gamegenic and CMON will collaborate on multiple projects and game lines, and the partnership will kick off with the highly anticipated launch of CMON's Massive Darkness 2 Kickstarter campaign on August 4th.

CMON's Director of Licensing Geoff Skinner remarked, "At CMON, we love quality, and we always aim for perfection. The Gamegenic line is by far the best in the market, and they put a lot of care and attention into their products. We're thrilled to work with them, and we can’t wait for fans to use the incredible accessories they're creating. Massive Darkness 2 is the perfect inauguration title for this partnership, and we think the Gamegenic products are going to add a ton to the gameplay experience.”

"Fans and players alike can look forward to a very exciting collaboration,” says Gamegenic Head of Studio Adrian Alonso. "CMON has made a huge contribution to the increase of board games’ popularity. Our innovative ideas and love for details fit perfectly into the CMON philosophy. We share the passion for games and the ambition to create unique playing experiences."

In the coming weeks, CMON and Gamegenic will reveal the Massive Darkness 2 product line which can be ordered as part of the upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

Stay tuned for more news!

CMON and Gamegenic announce strategic partnership