CMON Asia partners with PSi for Asia and Middle East Distribution

SINGAPORE — December 10th, 2021 — CMON Asia is pleased to announce its new partnership with Publisher Services Inc. (PSi), which will strongly boost the presence and availability of board game titles in Asia and the Middle East.

CMON Asia will act as a sub-distributor for PSi, granting the wide variety of publishers within the PSi network access to those emerging markets, as well as logistical and sales support. The partnership aims to strengthen the overall infrastructure of board game distribution throughout those regions, coordinate marketing efforts, and achieve concurrent release dates for individual titles.

CMON Asia has had a strong presence in Asia for years with offices in both Singapore and China. Under this deal, publishers including but not limited to Indie Game Studios, Bezier Games, Red Raven Games, Roxley Games and Steve Jackson Games will benefit from the expanded distribution.

CMON Asia Founder and President, David Doust said, “We are very happy to take this huge leap forward with PSi. Together, our efforts will further strengthen the hobby in Asia and the Middle East. We’ve been fortunate to have been part of the unprecedented growth in this area of the world, and we want more publishers to be able to access it, no matter their size. Everyone in the industry benefits from the hobby getting stronger and stronger all around the world, and this partnership really pushes us all in the right direction.

PSi Founder and Chief Development Officer, Mike Krause said, “In this partnership with CMON, we expect to accelerate growth by increasing access and improving service levels for customers in Asia and the Middle East.

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