CMON Limited announces David Doust as Co-CEO

For Immediate Release

February 6, 2020, 11:00am EST

Press Inquiries:

CMON is pleased to announce the appoint of David Doust as co-CEO of CMON Limited. David Doust is a native of Hong Kong, speaks fluent Cantonese, and will be primarily focused on expanding CMON’s presence in Asia.

“When David and I founded CMON, we always had global ambitions that encompassed Asia. I am glad that David Doust has agreed to lead CMON in its vigorous Asia Pacific expansion, a region which we believe will come to rival our other major markets in size and profitability” said Chern Ann Ng, chairman and CEO of CMON Limited.

“CMON has gone through a rapid transformation in the past few years; successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, subsequently promoted from the GEM board to the main board. I am excited to have the opportunity to co-pilot CMON into the new decade, with focus on the rapidly growing Asia Pacific market. I look forward to the untapped potential that the region has to offer” said David Doust, new appointed CEO of CMON Limited.

About CMON Limited

CMON Limited (1792.HK; is an international publisher and designer of tabletop board games and miniature games. Beginning from small hobbyist roots, CMON Limited has grown into a multinational group that publishes multiple award-winning games, including Zombicide™, Death May Die™, Arcadia Quest™, Rising Sun™, Blood Rage™, The World of Smog™ and many more. Known in the hobby industry for working with the top game designers, artists, and sculptors in the world, CMON Limited has built an impressive portfolio of both original, best-selling IPs, as well as licensed material. In addition to having worldwide retail distribution, CMON is also the #1 fundraising company of any type on Kickstarter, having raised over $58 million on the platform since the debut of Zombicide in 2012.

CMON Limited announces David Doust as Co-CEO