CMON Limited to Publish US Edition of Kaleidos

For Immediate Release
April 15, 2016
Contact: [email protected]

CMON Limited is happy to announce it is the US publisher of the award winning Kaleidos from Kaleidos Games. Designed by the prolific Spartaco Albertarelli, Kaleidos is a hidden objects game where 2 to 12 players explore a series of beautifully illustrated images by Elena Prette.

At the beginning of a round, a letter card is drawn to guide players in their exploration of the image. As players discover the intricacies of each picture on their easel over the course of a minute, they will write down items correlating to the current letter card in play. Once time is up, players compare their lists, gaining 1 point for a word others also found and 3 points for each unique discovery. A new letter is drawn after points are tallied, and play continues for 10 total rounds.

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