CMON Strengthens Publishing Division with Imprint Revamp & IP Head

Singapore, July 1st 2022 – With a continued push outward into all forms of media, CMON is pleased to announce that Francesco Nepitello has been promoted to Head of Intellectual Properties and RPGs, a newly created position in the company, reporting directly to CMON COO, David Preti. Additionally, CMON is also happy to announce that it is restructuring its in-house RPG and graphic novel imprints, with Guillotine Press becoming the sole publishing arm of the company, streamlining both overall operations and branding.

Francesco’s new role will be ensuring narrative consistency of CMON’s many in-house IPs as they develop their brands in multiple platforms such as comics, board games, RPGs, books and more. Nepitello will also continue in his previous role of overseeing all of CMON’s RPG titles.

Nepitello, whose credits include the Zombicide Chronicles RPG, War of the Ring, The One Ring RPG, as well as a massive soon-to-be-announced CMON board game, said, “It’s a great honor and a big responsibility. CMON is expanding rapidly into many different avenues, most recently with the successful launch of our comics line and a new foray into RPGs that started with Zombicide Chronicles that is quickly gaining momentum. I look forward to making sure our fans have a consistent experience of quality across each of these ranges.”

For the restructuring, Guillotine Press’s duties now include all of publishing, including RPGs and original graphic novels. Previously, the imprint was CMON’s comic-only label, while the 2LM Press was its RPG imprint. This change unites all aspects of publishing under the Guillotine Press label, where the goal is to produce top quality comics and RPGs from some of the biggest names in the industries.

On the RPG side, expect the newly united Guillotine Press to concentrate on creating exciting new material while continuing to provide player support for existing games. Meanwhile, CMON’s graphic novel fans can expect news about their next line up of books within the next few months.

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