CMON and Spin Master Games are excited to announce the first retail-only release in their best-selling and long-running Marvel United tabletop game series: Marvel United: Spider-Geddon. Slated for release in mid-2023, this new core box will contain everything players need to start playing Marvel United and can be seamlessly integrated with any other Marvel United core boxes, components, or expansions.

Marvel United: Spider-Geddon will feature a multitude of Spider-Family heroes and their villains from across the multiverse. Working together, players will try to prevent the Spider-villains from completing their master plans. With two highly successful crowd funding campaigns for the Marvel United series, and a third campaign, Marvel United: Multiverse, launching in early 2023, as well as robust retail sales, Marvel United: Spider-Geddon is a great place for new players to come on board while offering series veterans exciting new content to explore.

For more information on Marvel United: Spider-Geddon, check out the product page here.

You can follow the Marvel United: Multiverse campaign here.

A note to our backers:

Marvel United: Spider-Geddon is a direct-to-retail core box and will NOT be part of the upcoming Marvel United: Multiverse Kickstarter. However, it is certainly a part of the Multiverse and you can expect content in the campaign to interact with and complement this box in exciting ways.

Also, because Marvel United: Spider-Geddon is scheduled to be released at retail around the middle of the year, it will fill in for the usual advanced Wave 1 done in previous campaigns. This means the Marvel United: Multiverse campaign will not feature 2-Wave Expedited Shipping, delivering its full contents to backers approximately 1 year after the campaign ends.

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