Paolo Parente joins CMON as Senior Artist

CMON is pleased to announce that the world-renowned, international illustrator Paolo Parente will be joining CMON as Senior Artist.

Paolo Parente is an illustrator/concept artist best known for his work with Wizards of the Coast for Magic the Gathering and on the DUST miniatures game. He has extensive work with many other game and comic book companies, including Marvel, DC Comics, Dark Horse, and 2000AD. Paolo has also lent his hand to concept design work for Twistory Studios characters in 13 Chambers and Belle’s War.

“What a lucky find! I couldn’t dream of a better home for my art”, declared Parente, here portrayed by legendary illustrator Paul Bonner.

David Preti, CMON’s COO, commented, “I am thrilled to have Paolo join us in our mission to produce games with the highest possible artistic standards. I have been friends with him for more than 25 years. In fact, I started my career in the gaming industry thanks to him, and I couldn’t be happier to see him join the CMON family. Paolo not only brings his artistic talent but also his vast technical knowledge of miniature manufacturing.”


CMON Limited is an international publisher and designer of board games, tabletop games and card games. Beginning from small hobbyist roots, CMON Limited has grown into a multinational group that publishes multiple award-winning games including Zombicide™, Death May Die™, Arcadia Quest™, Rising Sun™, Blood Rage™, The World of Smog™, Marvel United™, Marvel Zombies™ and many more. The company is also a leading distributor of first- and third-party games throughout the fast-growing APAC territories under the CMON Asia banner. Known in the hobby industry for working with the top game designers, artists, and sculptors in the world, CMON Limited has built an impressive portfolio of both original, best-selling IPs, as well as licensed material, RPGs and graphic novels published by its Guillotine Press imprint. In addition to having worldwide retail distribution, CMON is also the #1 fundraising company of any type on Kickstarter, having raised over $100 million from 54 projects on the platform since the debut of Zombicide in 2012. To learn more visit

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