Renato Franchi Named CMON’s New Global Marketing Director

CMON is pleased to announce that they have hired Renato Franchi as their Global Marketing Director. Franchi comes off a 13-year stint in the international comics industry where he spearheaded marketing efforts for over 20,000 publications in the Italian market. Franchi’s vast experience ranges from working on A-list franchise titles from both Marvel and DC as well as world-renowned manga series such as Naruto, Attack on Titan, Chainsaw Man, Dragon Ball, and Demon Slayer. Special projects he oversaw included the launch campaign for the acclaimed Kaiju No. 8, plus the very successful celebration edition of the 100th volume of One Piece. Franchi brings his wealth of expertise to CMON, driving the company’s marketing efforts into the future.

CMON’s SVP of US Operations & Entertainment, Geoff Skinner, said, “I am so excited to be turning the marketing reins over to Renato. He brings a fresh outlook to CMON, and we’re now poised to reach new heights under his leadership. He’s a great fit for CMON, and I look forward to seeing how he evolves and grows the department.”

Franchi added, “It’s a real honor to be joining CMON. I’m thrilled to contribute my experience to such a dynamic company in an era where transmedia storytelling is more crucial than ever.”

Renato is already integrating with the CMON Marketing Team, starting with organizing CMON’s 2023 Lucca booth. He reports directly to CMON COO, David Preti.

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