The Last of Us is Coming to Tabletop

CMON fans might already know about our past partnerships with Sony Interactive Entertainment that brought the worlds of Bloodborne and God of War to the tabletop. We loved working on those games, and it’s always a privilege to be given permission to dip our toes into such deeply developed and beloved titles. We are beyond excited to announce this partnership will continue with another iconic title: The Last of Us: The Board Game.

The Last of Us: The Board Game will be the first-ever board game set in the world of Naughty Dog’s critically acclaimed and best-selling video game series, The Last of Us. As long-time fans of the series, we recognize the special place these games hold in the hearts and minds of its many fans. The heart-stopping suspense of suddenly hearing an unseen clicker behind you; the intensity of a firefight as you desperately try to tell friend from foe; the heartbreak of being double crossed and seeing all your plans fall apart; the exhilaration of finding a safe place to rest and surviving just one more day even though all the odds were against you. The Last of Us is a series that provides a deep, emotional experience combined with endless thrills and excitement

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