Two Little Mice Takes on Household Duties

CMON Limited and Two Little Mice, the tabletop RPG studio founded by Household creator, Riccardo ‘Rico’ Sirignano, and Simone Formicola, are happy to announce that Two Little Mice has acquired the rights to the Household RPG. CMON previously bought the independent publishing label’s award-winning RPG to help bring it to a wider audience. After the completion of the Household campaign, a Kickstarter project successfully launched earlier this year, both companies agreed the time was right for Two Little Mice to once again take the reins on the IP. CMON and Two Little Mice are very proud of the work they’ve done together, and both remain supportive of Household’s success.

In the acquisition, Two Little Mice will take ownership of the Household brand as well as control over the Kickstarter campaign, and will be responsible for its continued development, publishing, and fulfillment, including all distribution of backer rewards, books and other materials. Two Little Mice, a Kickstarter veteran of seven successful campaigns, is dedicated to keeping the project on schedule and do not anticipate that this structural change will cause any significant delays.

Meanwhile, Guillotine Press will continue to be CMON’s publishing label for all roleplaying games, books, and comics projects. Its product lines, such as Zombicide Chronicles and Broken Compass, are expected to continue along their current development and publishing timelines unimpeded.

Household producer Guilherme Goulart, CMON’s VP of Production, said, “We’re extremely happy of the time we spent making Household, of the success we shared, and the work we did as a team. It’s great to see the title go home with its creators, who pour so much passion into the setting.”

Two Little Mice co-founder Simone Formicola. said “We appreciate our time at CMON, and we are grateful to all the talented people we worked with. Our collaboration was a great springboard for Household, and made this little game much bigger than we imagined. We can’t wait to share it with all our friends and fans.”

Backers of Household can find out more information about what this development means for them in the latest Household project updates on Kickstarter.

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