Dark Age

A science-fiction wargame with seven factions in the shattered world of Samaria.

A sun-blasted planet at the fringe of known space was the last place anyone would think to look for life. Yet, such a world, far from the space lanes, proved a perfect staging ground for the United Worlds’ mega-corporations to concoct their most dangerous experiments, develop their most lethal weapons, and stash away their worst criminals. But the United Worlds collapsed, the galaxy descended into barbarism, and everyone forgot about Samaria. Those left behind alive eke out a living on this planet, Samaria, with forbidden technologies and brutal pragmatism. Dark Age is a science-fiction wargame that gives players seven distinct factions to wage skirmish-level battles on the distant, shattered world of Samaria. Faction gameplay runs the gamut, from hierarchical military technologists to psychic wasteland reavers to fierce alien headhunters. Although technology is incredibly powerful, 500 years of neglect and decay also means that it is unreliable. Most prefer the reliability of a strong sword, or handy length of pipe, to achieve their means up close and personal. Alternating unit activation ensures rapid gameplay, leaving no one sitting on their hands during their opponent’s turn. Reactive abilities and powers (along with the d20 system) allow for amazing reverses that dramatically alter the ebb and flow of battle. Full forces can be as few as three models or as many as twenty or more, allowing for multiple games in an afternoon. To find out more about the world of Dark Age, visit our website!

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