Baratheon: Wardens

House Baratheon’s Troops Hit Like a Blacksmith Forging Iron

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2+ players


14+ years old

About the Game

House Baratheon’s battle doctrine is fairly simple: be strong like iron. They outfit their troops in heavy armor at every level and arm them with the House’s signature warhammer. While this heavy kit does slow down troop movements, the tenacity of their defenses can usually see them through. The Baratheon Wardens are the main infantry unit that the House uses, fielding many ranks of these rough and rugged fighters.

The Baratheon Wardens unit box for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game gives House Baratheon commanders a tough, resilient set of troops for their forces. Clad in plate mail and carrying heavy shields, they have a good Defense Save stat, though all of that does slow them down. Their heavy warhammer attacks can crush the enemy’s spirit as much as it can crush their bones. Defending against these pounding attacks can leave enemy troops gasping for air as the strength is sucked from them.

Unit Card
Attachment Card
Movement Tray

Detailed Miniatures

The Baratheon Wardens Unit Box comes with 13 highly-detailed pre-assembled miniatures, making them ready to play right out of the box.

Unit Cards Included

The stat card for the unit is in the box, meaning players don’t have to search elsewhere to find out what the unit is capable of.

Hardy and Reliable Troops

The backbone of the Baratheon host, Wardens are hardy and reliable troops that will stand their ground!

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