Bolton Blackguards

House Bolton Employs the Most Vicious Fighters in Westeros

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2 players


14+ years old

About the Game


The anvil of all Bolton armies, the Blackguards are a fearsome enemy on the battlefield. Albeit slow, they are very resilient and their Horrific Visage ability is formidable and deters your opponent from wanting to attack them.

Tactical Points

  • The key features of this unit are their above average defense save that, paired with horrific visage, has the chance to deal damage to an enemy through Panic before it can attack.
  • Be careful! The Blackguards only have a movement speed of four inches! If poorly positioned, they might not see action.
  • Alongside the Bolton Flayer Attachment, they can heal Wounds when an enemy fails a Panic test. This increases the Unit’s resilience dramatically.

Box Contents

  • 13 Miniatures
  • 1 Unit Tray
  • 1 Unit Card

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