Night's Watch: Conscripts

Before They Are Sworn Brothers, They Are Simply Conscripts

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14+ years old

About the Game

When one makes their way into the Night’s Watch, they aren’t simply made a Sworn Brother immediately. While the organization has traditionally lax rules for recruitment, there is still a period where those that sign up are simply conscripts, being used where necessary to keep those south of The Wall safe. Eventually, if they survive, and with proper training, they will have the opportunity to join the Night’s Watch proper.

The Conscripts Unit Box for the Night’s Watch army is not as strong or as tough as many of the other units available to Night’s Watch Commanders. However, what they lack in abilities they make up for in ease of fielding. Night’s Watch units can get costly points-wise to bring to battle, so the Conscripts can help balance numbers closer to equal. And the Watch Recruiter Unit Attachment can help any unit in the Night’s Watch army work just a bit more efficiently.

Unit Card
Attachment Card
Movement Tray

Cards Included

The Unit card for the Conscripts as well as the Unit Attachment card for the Watch Recruiter are included in the box, meaning players don’t have to flip pages in a rulebook to see how the unit works on the battlefield.


Pre-Assembled Figures

The 13 figures in the Conscripts Unit Box come pre-assembled in colored plastic, making them ready to play right out of the box.

New Options

Being easier to field than other Night’s Watch units, the Conscripts can easily make it into any force. And the Watch Recruiter can join any Night’s Watch unit, giving more customization for army builds.

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