Cthulhu: Death May Die: Fight or Flight

CMON Comics Vol. 1

About the Volume

The whole of Miskatonic County lies under a cloak of horror. Leaden clouds darken the sun, and horrific creatures lurk in the countryside. The Last Hope Orphanage finds itself under siege, and the only possible salvation resides on the page of a book of spells, itself cursed and profane. An unlikely assembly of heroes will undertake insaneodds in their quest for the book: Lysa, aided by a demon’s head kept in a lantern; Jack, with his amazingly unstoppable truck; Rocco, haunted by a berserker madness from fighting in the trenches; Annabelle, the young voodoo queen of New Orleans with her dark powers. Time is running out. The way is shrouded. “They” are everywhere. In the deep, the nightmare waits dreaming.

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