DCeased - A Zombicide Game - CMON Play

Protect Earth from the Anti-Life Virus and its hosts in this epic DC Universe Zombicide game!




1-6 players


14+ years old

About the Game

$ 100.00 Deposit

CMON is now offering our newest CMON Play Retail option for the DCeased – A Zombicide Game Kickstarter campaign.

Beginning from the launch of the DCeased – A Zombicide Game Kickstarter campaign on November 14th at 3pm Eastern and while supplies last, our North American CMON Play retailers can be part of the Kickstarter Campaign. Retailers will be able to pledge for the Basic Pledge and Add-On bundles.  The minimum number of pledges purchased by a single retail location is six (6), while there is no maximum number of pledges you can purchase for this campaign.

Please read the following information as some requirements may have changed from previous Retail Pledge details:

  • Only current North American CMON Play member retailers with a brick and mortar store are eligible for the Retail Pledge.
  • If you are not a CMON Play member, you must join the program here to take part in the Kickstarter Retail Pledge.
  • We aim to deliver Retail Pledges at roughly the same time as end-consumer backers receive their pledges. Production and transport delays may affect this timeline.
  • Cost of shipping and any related charges will be added to the final invoice and must be paid as per the retailer’s payment terms with CMON, Inc. Any orders over 16 Pledges which can be palletized and shipped via freight carriers will be charged at one hundred percent (100%) to the retailer.
  • A commitment deposit of $100.00 is required to be paid for the bundle packs. The remaining balance will be due and you will receive a CMON and/or a PayPal invoice prior to your final pledge bundles being shipped.
  • There is no maximum number of pledges retailers can purchase for this campaign.
  • Retail Pledges will be on a first come, first served basis while supplies last.
  • We have unilaterally discontinued our MAPP Policy on all Kickstarter Retailer products purchased directly from this CMON Kickstarter. This means you may charge any price you see fit for your community and allows you to customize your pricing based on what is most effective in your area. There is no minimum or maximum price for any product you receive directly from the CMON Retailer KS Program.
  • Pledges, Stretch Goals, and Optional Buys may be separated and advertised for sale as you see fit, in any combinations or lack thereof that you choose.
  • Discounts as a percentage discount off the Pre-order Advertised Price have been eliminated. All Retailer Pre-orders are offered at a Net Pricing price per pledge. Optional Buys will be Net Pricing priced as well.

Please consult our Kickstarter Page for details on the Retail Pledge.

Use the email address [email protected] to contact us to receive the Retailer Pledge participation survey or any questions you may have.

Please do not make an order directly on the Kickstarter page itself. A representative from the Sales Team will get in touch with you shortly after the Kickstarter ends to finalize your order.

If you would like to learn about the benefit of being a CMON Play member beyond Retail Pre-orders and apply to join the program for access to future offers, please visit our CMON Play page.

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