Dust: London Falling

CMON Comics Vol. 2


14+ years old

About the Volume

Occupied London. In burnt-out buildings, Kids fight rats for scraps to eat. In Buckingham Palace, elite Germans dine where the queen one rules. On the broken streets, average citizens defer politely to German soldiers but swear under their breath as they pass. Only a ragtag band of Allied resistance stands between London and total German dominance. These misfits didn’t all make it in the regular army, but they may be the perfect foil to German occupation—if they don’t tear each other apart first. But what awaits them is more than any German technological wonder they’ve fought before. This time, a mad doctor is bent on summoning a Mythos horror that could destroy all of London. London Falling is a rip-roaring pulp adventure full of daring chases, near escapes, and full auto zombie killing! As the danger rises, Wanda’s team must find a way to stop this horror, even if it means all their deaths. In Dust 1947, everyone is expendable.

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