Zombicide: Friends and Foes

It’s good to have friends during the apocalypse, even if they’re not human

Suggested Retail Price: $49.99


60 mins


1-6 players


14+ years old

About the Game

It’s impossible to predict how the zombie plague will affect someone when they’re infected. It quickly mutates, forming all manner of undead monstrosities. One such mutation is the Tainted variety. Covered in nasty spiked growths and with acidic blood, they flail around upon being struck, doing damage to everything nearby. It’s enough to make a survivor go insane. Thankfully, there’s faithful companions that are ready to not only soothe the nerves but also add their claws and fangs to beating back the horde.

The Zombicide: Green Horde Friends and Foes expansion brings a lot of new material to games of Black Plague. It contains four new Survivors, plus their ID cards and new equipment. Tagging along are six new Familiars, who can be acquired throughout the game. Their help will be needed to take on the new Tainted Walkers and the hulking Tainted Abomination. There’s also a new 10-scenario adventure pack that utilizes five new double-sided terrain tiles. The fight for survival is just beginning.

Survivor Miniatures and ID Cards
Familiar Miniatures
Tainted Walker Miniatures
Tainted Abomination Miniature
Double-Sided Tiles
Equipment Cards
Zombie Cards
Rulebook with 10 New Quests

New Survivors, Human and Otherwise

This expansion gives players the option of four new Survivors to choose from when they play. There’s also new Familiars, animal companions that are ready to fight the undead hordes.

New Quests

Players fight zombies through 10 new scenarios, utilizing five double-sided game tiles that come in the set.

Tainted Zombies

Tainted Zombies are covered in spiky growths and filled with acidic blood that will damage everyone around them when they’re killed.

Rules & More

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