Massive Darkness 2: Gates of Hell

The Lightbringers Must Fight the Denizens of Hell

Suggested Retail Price: $29.99


60 mins


1-6 players


14+ years old

About the Game

There’s a road to the Infernal Realm that the Lightbringers must use to avoid being quickly banished back out again. The road and the lands beyond are defended by stalwart warriors and roaming monsters, ready to lash out at one that they might capture in their claws.

The Gates of Hell enemy box brings players new enemies to face in any of their games of Massive Darkness 2. It contains two new Mobs in the form of the extremely resilient Living Statues and the very sneaky Shadow Demons. Along with them, players will have to deal with the vicious Cerberus.

Highly Detailed Figures

All of the new enemies are represented on the tabletop by highly detailed miniature figures.

New Foes

This set includes two new Mobs, the Living Statues and Shadow Demons, as well as the Cerberus Wandering Monster that players will have to defeat in the depths of Hell.

Everything Included

With models for both Leader and Minions in the Mobs, as well as Cerberus, plus all requisite tokens and cards, these foes can be immediately added to any game of Massive Darkness 2.

Player Support

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