Zombicide: Ghostbusters Packs

Something is off in your neighborhood

Suggested Retail Price: $45.00


60 mins


1-6 players


14+ years old

About the Game

Even if you ain’t afraid of no ghosts, wait till you get a load of zombies!

Team up with other Ghostbusters and their proton packs to take down the oncoming hordes. Make use of the escalation bonus to wipe the streets clean. But watch out! Zuul and Vinz Clotho can cause multiple abominations to spawn on the board, escalating the situation further. Not to mention Gozer, who can gain multiple Abomination abilities once it spawns!

And who can get enough of the companion, Slimer, that befriends the Survivors after gobbling up their food, but also granting them the special abilities!

Pack #1

Venkman, Winston, and their companion Slimer take to the streets to battle against Zuul, who spawns Abominations as if there were none on the board!

Pack #2

Ray and Egon take to the streets to battle against mighty Gozer and Vinz Clortho, who floods Abominations on the board!

Bonus Pack!

If the Zombie Apocalypse weren’t bad enough, Stay Puft presents the greatest challenge for the Ghostbusters yet. The only way to eliminate him is to cross the streams!

Compatible with Modern Zombicide

Contains components to be playable with the 1st and 2nd Editions!

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