Neutral: Golden Company War Elephants

Soldiers Train for Almost Every Contingency on the Battlefield…

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2+ players


14+ years old

About the Game

When you’re a mercenary company with as deep of coffers as the Golden Company, you can offer things to your clients that others can’t. While soldiers train for just about every contingency on the battlefield, lining up against massive elephants usually isn’t one of them.

The Golden Company War Elephants unit box gives players a pair of huge war elephants they can add to their forces. Being a Neutral unit, most factions have access to these giants. Tough and strong, the elephants do need some direction from friendly Golden Company units nearby, lest they simply stop to munch some grass.

Unit Cards

Giant Figures

The War Elephants are represented on the tabletop by massive, highly detailed, pre-assembled, colored plastic figures.


With elephants on their own movement tray and unit cards included, these figures are ready to use right out of the box.

New Option

The War Elephants are truly a unique unit that, being Neutral, gives many different armies the chance to add these beasts to their battle line

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