Greyjoy: Iron Victory Crew

One of the Most-Feared of the Kraken’s Many Arms




2 players



About the Game

Any coastal settlement fears the day that the Kraken’s banners are seen over the water’s horizon. But when it’s found out that they’re specifically the Iron Victory’s banners, things go from bad to worse.

The Iron Victory Crew unit box for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game gives House Greyjoy players a new melee-centric unit for their forces. These decently-defended raiders hit hard with their boarding axes, and get even more vicious when they’ve accrued a pair of Pillage tokens.

Highly Detailed Figures

The Iron Victory Crew are represented on the tabletop by highly detailed, pre-assembled, plastic miniatures.

Everything Included

With figures, movement tray, and unit stat card, the Iron Victory Crew are ready to use right out of the box.

A Strong Center

The Iron Victory Crew can make a stalwart middle to any Greyjoy battle line they’re placed on, being a firm anchor in battle.

Player Support

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