Lead your Tribe on a Chronicle of HATE!


40-60 minutes


2-6 players


18+ years old

About the Game

HATE is a Kickstarter Exclusive, mature audience game from the minds that brought you Zombicide and Massive Darkness. The only way to secure your copy of HATE is to take part in the Kickstarter campaign starting January 16, 2018 at 3pm EST.

The world has fallen to ruin, and those who survive are the ones who can embrace the violence and terror this new reality brings. In HATE, you will lead Tribe members in a series of brutal Clashes with opposing Tribes. You’ll fight, not only for survival, but to complete Missions before your rivals. Again and again, you’ll meet on the battlefield slicing throats, crushing skulls, and bathing in the blood of the vanquished.  As your Chronicle continues, your Tribe members will develop their skills, becoming even more deadly in the heat of battle. However, war takes its toll, and characters will start to show the Scars of conflict, becoming maimed, losing eyes, or even limbs over the course of the game. Your Village is a place where your Tribe can train and heal, but any captured opponents have a date with the Pit, or worse, the Oven. The spoils of war can mean feasting on your opponents flesh for the strength it will give you in future battles. This game is not for the weak or the kind. It is a mature experience that will leave no one unaffected. The brutal existence favors those who can ignore emotions like love, empathy, and charity, and focus on one thing alone: HATE.

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