Neutral: Heroes 2

Many Figures in Westeros do not Work for one Faction Alone

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2+ players


14+ years old

About the Game

Westeros is a land not unfamiliar with war and conflict. Much blood has been shed all across its expanse. During times of strife, there are those that don’t simply stand behind a single banner, but will move from force to force looking to either make some coin or simply follow their own paths and desires. These individuals are no less useful on the battlefield, as they often bring special skills that may not be found under one’s own banner.

The Neutral Heroes II Box has many of these individuals, from all walks of life and from all corners of Westeros. There are new Unit Attachments such as Bronn or Brienne. There’s new Non-Combat Units like Jaqen H’ghar and Tycho Nestoris. There are even new Neutral army commanders like Vargo Hoat and Daario Naharis, complete with their Tactics Cards. Each one can dramatically alter the way an army functions on the battlefield.

Attachment Cards
Tactics Cards
NCU Cards

Pre-Assembled Figures

The models in the Neutral Heroes II box come pre-assembled in colored plastic, ready to take to the field immediately out of the box.


Cards Included

All of the stat cards, attachment cards, and tactics cards needed to use these figures comes in the box, meaning commanders don’t have to search around for what these characters are capable of.

New Options

These figures add a whole wealth of new options for commanders. Being Neutral, they can be used with several different forces, or as part of an all-Neutral army on the field.

Player Support

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