Night's Watch: Heroes 3

The Brotherhood is Strong While Guarding The Wall

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2+ players


14+ years old

About the Game

Even further north than the lands of House Stark lays The Wall. This imposing edifice protects the relatively calm, rich, and fertile lands from the much wilder civilizations that live beyond it. Manning The Wall are the Night’s Watch. Though they may come from a myriad of origins, they are no rag-tag group, training relentlessly. These troops are willing to lay down their lives to protect everyone south of them.

Night’s Watch Heroes Box 3 gives Night’s Watch players in the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game a host of new figures they can use to personalize their army. Leaders like Cotter Pyke and Ser Denys Mallister train new recruits like Satin into a cohesive fighting force. Meanwhile, more veteran Brothers like Eddison Tollett and Benjen Stark will gladly do whatever is asked of them in the protection of Westeros

Attachment Cards
NCU Cards
Tactics Cards

Highly Detailed Figures

All the characters are represented on the tabletop by highly detailed, pre-assembled, colored plastic miniatures.

Everything Included

The set includes figures, NCU cards, Attachment cards, and Tactics cards, making all the characters ready to play right out of the box.

New Options

With new NPCs, Attachments, and even options for new army Commanders, Night’s Watch players will have a host of new options for building an army to their personal specifications.

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