Massive Darkness: Noble Warriors vs. The Cockatrix

New heroes join the battle against the spreading Darkness and a dangerous foe.

Suggested Retail Price: $31.99


90 mins


1-6 players


14+ years old

About the Game

A Cockatrix is part chicken and part dragon. Now, that might not seem too dangerous, but it is. The Cockatrix is a ferocious beast, and only the most stalwart warriors should dare challenge it. Thankfully, there are three Heroes who are ready to do just that.

Massive Darkness: Heroes and Monster Set: Noble Warriors vs. The Cockatrix gives players a new roaming monster to encounter in the depths, as well as three new Heroes who are ready to take it on. It also includes a new class, the Noble Hero, and a new artifact in the form of the Noble Standard.

Sweet Figures

Each Hero and the Cockatrix are represented by highly-detailed miniature figures.

New Monster

The Cockatrix is one tough bird, able to cause a hero to lose the rest of their activation when they attack it.

New Heroes

Three new Heroes are ready to take the fight to the Darkness. Along with the Heroes, there is a new class for them to try.

Player Support

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